Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Greetings from Southern Arizona!

The landscape of southern Arizona is amazing. This photo is of the very top of what I think is called Kings Crest. I found a survey marker on top, but that was all the info I could find about it. The peak is right across from the climbing area near Queen Creek. It had no trail or markers other than the one on top, but there were herd paths most of the way, at least to the base of the peak. The vantage point from the top of the peak really showed the interesting waves in the land. This was the survey marker I found;

It had a rocks stacked around it and I almost missed it all together. I'm glad I found it though, it reminds me off the Adirondacks, where they have them on every high peak.
And so even though I havn't been painting as much as I'd like, the scenery and environment out here has inspired me, as well as the climbing. I will have updates soon of some of the paintings I have finished so far, and more panoramic landscape photos.