Sunday, January 23, 2011

100th Post!

I am always feeling like I havn't posted anything on here for a long time, but I've made it up to a whole hundred so I suppose that's something. So this is a good time I thought to post about some of the stuff I will be doing a lot of this year. I framed one of the little 2"x3" paintings a few days ago and I am really happy with my new "fridge art". We put a magnet on the back as well as a sawtooth hanger, so you can put it on your wall or on the fridge. The frame is made of one recessed black strip, with a hardwood frame around that. I like seeing my art on my parents fridge again, it feels like I got an A on a test in school. So here it is, the first fridge art piece of many.

The little paintings have been what I do when I need a break from my still life. I've just about finished it now, it's the first real colored pencil piece I've finished in a while so it was good to dust off the cobwebs. My goal was to finish two still life pieces for the CPSA competition this year, and with two or so months left till the deadline I might be able to get even more done. Here is the still life though, it's still untitled, I wanna think of something silly, like "Rats, I've lost my marbles again." Any other idea's?
So this is a little sneak peak into what a lot of 2011 is going to hold for me, painting, drawing, and peddling my wares. Weee

Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Wee Paintings

I finished some more wee little paintings these past few days. The one on the left may be my new favorite. These were all from pictures I took on my cross country road trip. I have a fun idea of how to present them now too, which I will have some pictures of once I finish up a few of them. Im going to frame them in the same style I have been making for my bigger paintings, them put a little magnet on the back, and a sawtooth hanger. That way people can put them on their fridge just like regular magnets, or they can hang them up on the wall.

Oh yeah, and the still life is coming along well, it's close to about half way now maybe. Weee.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Little Paintings

These have been a fun little side project for me lately. They are all either 2"x3" and are done in acrylics because I am currently oil paintless. I've found small paintings are fun because its really nice to just start and finish a painting in one sitting, it's a good change of pace from my new colored pencil still life I've been doing, which is super tedious. I'll have pictures of that once it's done, but It's gonna be one of a couple I am going to make to send to the CPSA competition this year. Wee