Friday, September 23, 2011

Upside-Down Cat is Done

Mr. Upside down is finished and in good hands. It turns out the auction isn't until January, so I've got some waiting to do to see if he does as well as the last one. The previous cat drawing I donated went for over 1500 dollars! All of which went to helping the wayne county humane society grow and become a better shelter. Hopefully this years kitty goes for even more. Cheers.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Artists Row!

What a fun festival! The few days before it were busy, but I got tons of work done and had everything ready once the big day came along. I really enjoyed the whole day, the set up went well, the people were nice, and we were right near the music stage where there were some really great jazz musicians playing all day. And the best part of the whole thing; I won best in show! I got to go up one stage and everything!

Here was the set up in the morning, the weather was perfect and I got to wear my favorite Plaid as I fine tuned all the spots for my paintings.
People also really liked the little paintings again, as well as the big seascape. In the middle of the table you can just about see the first mini vertical trio I've done. Also on the far left you can make out the mini winter scene where instead of three square canvases in a row, I threw in a vertical one in the middle. Small changes to what I was doing before but I thought they were fun ideas.
Close to the end of the day I got the big surprise, I got to go on stage in the middle of the festival and receive the award from Maria Friske, whom the award is named after. It was really exciting, but then they told me to say something into the microphone, and I'm definitely not a big public speaker, so I just said thank you. Hopefully that was enough.
So overall the weekend was a success, plus the Bills won and are 2-0 now, what a year its turning out to be.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Preparation for Artists Row

Artist Row is fast approaching, this sunday is looking to be perfect weather in rochester and I'm getting excited for the festival. I've been slacking on the posts lately because of all the work I have been doing in getting ready for the show. in the past two weeks I have finished about 16 paintings, if my maths right thats over one a day. This is a quick taste of some of the new stuff.

Lately the paintings have become more like illustrations I think, I've been wanting to call them the illustrative landscapes. I think it was all those illustration classes, I can't help but make up stories for each painting as I work on it. I've also started to make a few that are more design orientated by taking the cloud shapes and turning them into something a bit more.
I will probably have one more post before the show, once I get all these little guys framed up and I have all my stuff together. wee

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lots of new stuff on the way

There's a new company opening up here in Columbus, it's called Colors & Bottles. The concept is pretty simple; an artist brings in a painting and teaches people how to paint it. And since it's geared for adults and a party type of theme, its BYOB, so that should be a good time. The painting below is the one I will be teaching, and if all still goes according to plan, I should be teaching a whole group of people all my secrets of painting in a few weeks.
Also I will be doing the Artist Row art festival in a few weeks! It was kind of late notice on their part, but it will be sept. 18th, yup thats next sunday. So instead of relaxing for a couple weeks and climbing every weekend, looks like its time to paint my face off and do some serious CCAD fashion last minute work.
Spirals in the sky
16" x 20"