Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Artists Row!

What a fun festival! The few days before it were busy, but I got tons of work done and had everything ready once the big day came along. I really enjoyed the whole day, the set up went well, the people were nice, and we were right near the music stage where there were some really great jazz musicians playing all day. And the best part of the whole thing; I won best in show! I got to go up one stage and everything!

Here was the set up in the morning, the weather was perfect and I got to wear my favorite Plaid as I fine tuned all the spots for my paintings.
People also really liked the little paintings again, as well as the big seascape. In the middle of the table you can just about see the first mini vertical trio I've done. Also on the far left you can make out the mini winter scene where instead of three square canvases in a row, I threw in a vertical one in the middle. Small changes to what I was doing before but I thought they were fun ideas.
Close to the end of the day I got the big surprise, I got to go on stage in the middle of the festival and receive the award from Maria Friske, whom the award is named after. It was really exciting, but then they told me to say something into the microphone, and I'm definitely not a big public speaker, so I just said thank you. Hopefully that was enough.
So overall the weekend was a success, plus the Bills won and are 2-0 now, what a year its turning out to be.


Krysti Kalkman said...

QUINN! I love the piece in the second picture that's HUGE! Wow... love love love!

Rachel Dangerfield said...

That's so rad Quinn! Congratulations. Your table looks primo too...

The plaid totally gave you the extra edge.

Quinn said...

it was all the plaid