Thursday, September 15, 2011

Preparation for Artists Row

Artist Row is fast approaching, this sunday is looking to be perfect weather in rochester and I'm getting excited for the festival. I've been slacking on the posts lately because of all the work I have been doing in getting ready for the show. in the past two weeks I have finished about 16 paintings, if my maths right thats over one a day. This is a quick taste of some of the new stuff.

Lately the paintings have become more like illustrations I think, I've been wanting to call them the illustrative landscapes. I think it was all those illustration classes, I can't help but make up stories for each painting as I work on it. I've also started to make a few that are more design orientated by taking the cloud shapes and turning them into something a bit more.
I will probably have one more post before the show, once I get all these little guys framed up and I have all my stuff together. wee


Cat Suen said...

these make smile! :D