Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lots of new stuff on the way

There's a new company opening up here in Columbus, it's called Colors & Bottles. The concept is pretty simple; an artist brings in a painting and teaches people how to paint it. And since it's geared for adults and a party type of theme, its BYOB, so that should be a good time. The painting below is the one I will be teaching, and if all still goes according to plan, I should be teaching a whole group of people all my secrets of painting in a few weeks.
Also I will be doing the Artist Row art festival in a few weeks! It was kind of late notice on their part, but it will be sept. 18th, yup thats next sunday. So instead of relaxing for a couple weeks and climbing every weekend, looks like its time to paint my face off and do some serious CCAD fashion last minute work.
Spirals in the sky
16" x 20"


Rachel Dangerfield said...

That sounds super fun. And that painting is sah-weet.