Sunday, March 15, 2009

New black and white

So when I got done with the last one I think I had too much time until it was due because the more I looked at it the more I wanted to add more stuff. It worked out for the best I think though, I wanted the face in the sky to stay almost all one value and shape the face out of the direction of the line. 


'turff said...

i think the head in the sky works out....and...what is this i see.....OH! VALUE!!!! nice job mighty quinn.

Tom Kellogg said...

Quinn, I just saw the movie Into The Wild last week. Is this from your having watched the film or read the book?

Your art is fantastic!!!

Uncle Tom

Julie Davis said...

This is very nice indeed! I would love to purchase a copy. Do you ever reproduce your work or just sell originals?

Quinn said...

YA Julie I make prints of my work, I also have the original version of this without the text. If you would like a copy of either send me an e-mail at!