Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Art Sale!

I got some pictures from the art sale here at CCAD from Dave. We just got a little table, but here is what it looked like. This was my first sale and I learned a bunch, so hopefully the sales next year will do even better. Pretty much the only thing that sold was the landscapes, and I got a bunch of input on them, so those will be a big focus next time. I hope to do a lot of them this summer so I should be posting those here and there through out the summer. Enjoy.


Dave Armstrong said...


Pregnant and Grumpy said...


Hi there! Rachel Armstrong here- Joe's wife. Could you give me a buzz regarding a possible Christmas present for Joe... I'd like to speak with you about acquiring your services. Go ahead and email me and I'll send over my phone number- maryrachel77@gmail.com