Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fishy Environments

This environment was done on location at the zoo. It is colored pencil on a piece of wood, I like how it looks in person because there is a certain reflection point where the colors seem to jump off the wood and show much brighter. These are all 8 x 10.
This one is a view from inside the coral homes. Powdered graphite on toned Canson paper.
These are all environment studies for my children's book, this one is done in powdered graphite on toned Canson paper. This one as well as the one above were both done without reference, "dream sketches" if you will. This one was a view from slightly above the coral.


Bernadette said...

these are really nice Quinn. Good idea to draw on wood, I love the middle one.

Mike Puncekar said...

You genius! I'm gonna use my piece of 8x10 wood for my acrylic/oils.

Looks annoyingly perfect as always. Why don't you take a break from excellence and try being horrible for awhile.

Quinn said...

haha thanks guys, I was thinkin about trying some of those oil whatnots on the board next time too, im pumped to try it.

Anonymous said...

you are so talented it amazes me.