Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Fishies? yup

Heres some color versions of those fishies for my children's book, the same sketches form before just with some photoshop colors over them. Let me know what you think, too bright? Too ridiculous? Not ridiculous enough? Which ones your favorite?


k.mediani said...

You really made me to draw some fish!
I like your fishies ^^ a lot
I like 'em all, but probably I like the couple on the left, kinda in the center, most.

Quinn said...

Thanks Kartika! Ya once I started doing fish this way, working off of basic shapes and building from there, I got really into it. I probably have five or six sketchbook pages filled with these guys now.

Unknown said...

quinn i think i love you. fish are my absolute favorite animal..... can you draw me a fish? no really.