Sunday, January 31, 2010

A New Idea

So this semester is shaping up to be not too rough in the homework department, thanks in part to a healthy dose of fine art classes which are mostly work in class type deals. So I'm taking it upon myself to start a semester long project, which for you basically means tons of silly characters and cute things. For the past few days I have been doing these weird characters started from just a few basic shapes, so this is what it's all starting with. I'll probably keep going with these for a while because their fun to me, but who knows where this sketch a day thing will end up... more than likely with some sort of pokemon designs. Anywho, these are the first two I've done.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Don't Pollute

Monday, January 25, 2010

Book pages in progress

So these are four pages from the children's book I have been off and on working on for awhile now. The top scene is of the main character, Aiden sitting below the clouds just staring up enjoying their game, and the one below is two of the shapes that he has to guess. All the pages are pretty much two page spreads, and I havnt put the final paint finishing touches on these yet, but they are getting close. I have work started on another one of the spreads. I Havnt settled on a font yet though, I've tried my usual favorites and they didn't quite work so I'm gonna have to keep on working with that. But I like how these are coming along so far, the cuteness levels are really gettin up there. Fun

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Late post for christmas

So this is a fun Santa Claus piece I did as my last project for Payne. I was just a little late in getting it on here for christmas, but it's still the holiday season so I think i'm covered. Its not done yet, the tree and background still have to get finished, as well as Santa's hand, but it's pretty close. This was definitely a fun piece to do though, hope you like it out there.

 Also I have had some success with an old project that I think I'm finally going to finish. My mom took my children's book on guessing shapes in the clouds to a day care recently and read the prototype that I made. She said the kids loved it and a couple of the parents have asked a copy when It's finished. So with all my extra free time during school I want to have the thing almost, if not completely done by the end of the school year.
Happy new years too!