Monday, January 25, 2010

Book pages in progress

So these are four pages from the children's book I have been off and on working on for awhile now. The top scene is of the main character, Aiden sitting below the clouds just staring up enjoying their game, and the one below is two of the shapes that he has to guess. All the pages are pretty much two page spreads, and I havnt put the final paint finishing touches on these yet, but they are getting close. I have work started on another one of the spreads. I Havnt settled on a font yet though, I've tried my usual favorites and they didn't quite work so I'm gonna have to keep on working with that. But I like how these are coming along so far, the cuteness levels are really gettin up there. Fun


k.mediani said...

I dig this a lot! Very nice!! I wished I read a children book with these illustrations when I was a kid.