Monday, November 1, 2010

Roxy's Rockin' Ribs!

I've just about finished the character on this one, just have to add a wee bit more color and do the lettering. The person commissioning it decided "I Farted" wasn't going on the bib, sorry Dave, I tried. I changed the head shape a bit too, making it a little wider and goofy looking, and put one of the paws up holding the rib.
Also today starts the four day countdown to my rock climbing road trip across the country! I am bringing a bunch of canvases and doing paintings in some sweet places hopefully too. We will be heading to Kentucky first, then out to the east coast. After that we head south and west, stopping to climb in Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, and some other places. Then finally getting to california and staying there for a couple of months before we head back. So I might not be able to update as much, but hopefully I will have some nice new paintings to put up here. Weee.