Sunday, December 26, 2010

Photos from the Southwest

So unfortunately the trip has come to an early end, but we made it about two and a half months out in the Southwest, climbing, hiking, and adventuring every day so I have no complaints at all. The top two photos were taken at a mountain top near Prescott, Arizona, it was an amazing view.

I have so many landscape pictures that I cant wait to put down on canvas now. the land is so flat in the southwest and you can see for so many miles that pretty much everywhere I went, it felt like there was inspiration for painting. One of my favorite photos I took during the trip was the one below. It was just before sunset on our last day, and the colors in the sky were amazing. They shifted from purple blues to orange to yellow. It is close to a full 360 view of the place we were camping at. I can't wait to head out west again.