Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Growing up

So with my first big arts festival fast approaching, Im starting to feel like Im back in CCAD and I am working like crazy right before an assignment is due. The Corn Hill Art Festival is just about three weeks away now so there is going to be a flood of new stuff getting done; mostly small paintings and those trio's I had up before. Here is something different though, its a wee bit bigger than the 3" ones, its 2' by 5' and was super fun to paint.
I have been doing a lot of driving lately and I see these little farm houses and silo's in the middle of wide vast fields. Last weekend as we were driving back from Kentucky, it had just rained and the fields were flooded and the reflections of the sky were beautiful. Here is a detail of the the business in the middle.
I sure hope ya'lls like it, I tried to stay loose with the paint but couldn't help getting a bit detail crazy right there in the middle. This is my first big one I've done for the sale but there's way more to come. I suppose this is the start to another painting release extravaganza!


Rachel Dangerfield said...

It's way fun reading your entries, because they sound like you're sitting right next to me, spinning the tales in person.

Anyway, this is way cool. I bet it gets snatched up in the first 10 minutes.

Dave Armstrong said...

I like the really tall ones you do.

I don't have any jokes or anything...