Monday, July 2, 2012

Nazareth Piece

Last week was very fun; setting up for my show and getting to relax and hang out with my family and old friends for bit was great. The opening went very well too, the crowd was nice and I got to see some faces I havn't seen in quite a while, like my highschool art teacher Bill Stephens! 
Here was the piece all together before any pieces had been bought and taken down yet:

Since the idea of the show was for people to take the art right when they bought it, instead of waiting for the show to be over then getting it, I really wanted to play off it. That was the main reason for creating a large mosaic, I wanted to see the main shape get dwindled away until (fingers crossed) there's nothing left. I was lucky enough to have a couple sales the opening night, so here is the beginning of the piece getting smaller:

Hopefully I can get a few more pictures as the month goes on, until then it's time to paint like mad again so I can be ready for my busy month of September. Three art festivals, three weekends in a row! Can't wait!