Saturday, March 23, 2013

Back in Ohio!

Made it back safe and sound to Ohio! Now its time to get back to work and start painting up a storm again. Heres a little guy from the road.

I'm also going to be doing something new this year at the CCAD sale. I've decided to start selling the little ones unframed as well as framed. And after the sale I'll be opening the Etsy site again, with these little unframed guys as well. I like how the hand holding the piece helps to show how little it actually is, so I was thinking that I would include a picture like this with every entry, what do you folks think?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Simple Blue-Green Sky

  So my winter trip is just about coming to an end, but its been everything I'd hoped for. We climbed, painted, made great friends, and most importantly avoided the worst of the northeast winter. 
  We'll be starting the drive back today, taking tons of photos along the way, and most likely doing some painting too. I thought I was starting to get ahead of the game, but I ended up selling 7 or 8 pieces  on the road, which was great but also put be behind again. Time to get into serious painting mode! This was a fun little painting I just finished up last night.

 4" x 4"

Oh yeah, mark your calenders for the CCAD Spring Art Sale! April 13th! Be there or be square.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A little guy from Joshua Tree

Ive been having fun painting tons of different Joshua Trees out here. This one is more stylized and illustrative than most but the colors were what was driving it.
With only a few days left I have been taking more pictures than I'll know what to do with when I leave. It's off to the Grand Canyon after this though so this is just the start of picture taking time I suppose. Time to get back to painting!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Joshua Tree California!

   Joshua Tree might be one of the coolest, most interesting place I have ever been. Their slogan is the worlds greatest playground or something along the lines of that, and I whole heartedly agree. The actual rock climbing would be enough, but the hiking and local flora put it over the top.
   I have definitely found a new subject matter here, the trees are right out of a Dr. Seuss book and I've loved painting them. Here is one of the new paintings, keep in mind its only 2" x 3".

   This wonderful place has definitely helped me start painting a lot again. I'm hoping the folks back East will appreciate them too, with all my art festivals being out there.
  I have been working on two other projects as well, a commission for my friend and wildly talented singer Micah, check out his music here; Also a greeting card for a rochester veterinary hospital, they send birthday cards to all their regular patients. So there's lots to keep busy with here on the road!