Monday, October 25, 2010

Roxy's Rockin' BBQ Rub

A dog that really likes BBQ. Any Ideas for what should be on his bib? Dave I know you can think of something funny.


Dave Armstrong said...

That's a really bold assumption that I'll not only check your blog, but also throw you a comment. COMMENTS DON'T GROW ON TREES, KELLOGG. I can't be wasteful with them.


I love the face on this lil guy. It's a really strong drawing. As for what to put on the bib...

"Lil Smokey" the sausage?
or my go-to-line of "who farted"

Wow I forgot how unhelpful I really am...

Quinn said...

hahaha thanks dave, "who farted" is definitely whats going on the bib.

Da said...

Wow! who knew Dave was such a comment snob?
First one to sketch a comment tree wins!
How bout, "Wurst Bitte" for the bib? or, "Hot Dogs".