Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Corn Hill Art Festival

So last weekend was the Corn Hill, and I really enjoyed it. I wish I could have walked around and seen some more of the artists but I was busy In my booth both days. I got tons of great feedback from the community and everyone was really nice though. Here are some pictures of my booth set up on the second day.

I was on a corner spot so I left two sides of my tent open. This set up was crucial the second day because it was so hot and I had my chair hidden in the shade of the corner.
One question people kept on asking was if I sold my work online, and unfortunately I had to keep on saying no, not yet at least. That is changing fast though, I plan on having an Etsy account open in under a week, and to promote the new site I am letting the first two paintings that sell go at 50% off! So if you want some, you better get them while they're hot.
And the last thing I wanted to share is that my latest big painting "Flooded Fields" sold at the Corn Hill. I was really proud of that piece and I'm glad it's going somewhere it'll be appreciated. Here is the piece with its proud new owners. Thank You!