Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Painting

So here is the big new painting, if my memory serves me right its about 2' by 5'. I liked painting just from imagination, I think it helps get some fun slightly different colors in the mix. But I also have been feeling the lack of plein air painting getting to me lately. I suppose its time soon to get outside and paint what's really out there. I do wish I could paint this size more often, it's just hard to find the time as well as space to get into it. This is the last big canvas I have right now though so it may be my last big painting for awhile, atleast until I can get home and make some more stretcher bars. I hope yalls enjoy this one as much as I do though, I wish there was an ocean just like this somewhere so I could kick back in a lounge chair with my feet buried in the sand and just soak it all in.
Ocean Sunset
2' x 5'