Friday, January 6, 2012

83 Gallery Tomorrow

So tomorrow is gallery hop here in Columbus, and weather dot com told me that it's supposed to actually not be too cold and miserable out! I am going to be heading to 83 gallery to see all the new stuff, here are two of my new pieces that will be up there.

With both of these new pieces I was getting away from only have that really low horizon line and breaking it up into a few basic colors. Making the landscape a little more realistic is fun sometimes, especially in winter when I am cooped up inside all the time.
With this one I just took what I usually do, and reversed it; I put the horizon line near the top and had the waves gently lapping in over a much bigger distance of the canvas.
So these two will be up at 83 Gallery plus a few new triptych paintings and one big still life I did at CCAD. Hope to see some familiar faces there!