Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Painting!

I finally finished this piece! I started this so long ago, maybe 2 years ago now? I forgot about it for awhile, then found it again and had intentions of finishing it, until I forgot about it again.. Then a few days ago I found it once again, and so I decided it was finally time to get it done.
It is my own version of one of my favorite paintings, a piece by Gregory Manchess. In my book he is one of the best painters and illustrators alive today and I have always wanted a version of this painting for my studio wall.
And once again, it was cold yesterday and I started this last night, and it was so nice out today I was doing yard work in a t-shirt.. and it's the last day of January! I love controlling the weather with my paintings.


Jenny Davis said...

The last day of November hu? Ah, I can't wait until Christmas. Nice painting :)

Jenny Davis said...

You changed it! Haha change it back, it was funnier before.